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2 S videos into 1?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by blackbull, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. blackbull


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    I am just about to take delivery of a Panasonic TX28PL10 TV and would like some advice. Alongside this I have purchased a Panasonic SCHT70 all in one system (I know the general consensus on such systems but it was a considered decision which is appropriate to my present circumstances) and a Panasonic NVHS820B SVHS VCR. My query is this, as the TV has only 1 S Video scart at the rear both my VCR and SCHT70 need to be connected to it (the SCHT70 not having a RGB output, and my wanting to utilise the S Video output of the VCR) I would like to k now how best to achieve this sucessfully with no cross talk between the inputs. Can anyone reccommend a scart splitter I have already purchased an Ixos S video to scart lead to connect the SCHT70 and tv and have bought a couple of generic gold scart to scart leads (£10 each) will these need to be replaced with branded ones again recommendations welcome. Finally could any owners of this TV tell me how they have found it I asked 3 weeks ago but to no avail, I know there must be some owners out their as their seems to be such a shortage of the sets around the country hence my 4/6 week wait for delivery from Bainbrigde (a John Lewis branch)

    Thanks in anticipation

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