2 Q's, Whats this XB package worth & something about a live account


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selling up a crystal xbox thats been softmodded to allow HD output but changing it to NTSC. Its about 11 months old and in minty mint condition

Accessories includes:

  • 3 Crystal Pads, 2 official S type, 1 a gameware pad
  • Official M$ High Definition Kit
  • PS2 > Xbox Controller Converter
  • Live headset
  • Couple of demos

Games included Are :

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5
  • Far Cry Instincts
  • Project Gotham Racing 2
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory
  • Burnout 3 : takedown
  • Halo 2
  • Original Splinter Cell (Used For Softmod)

So What realistically am i looking at :confused: :smashin:


Question on live is if i sell the package do i just delete the xbox live account saved on the HDD and then the new user cannot access it ?


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I would say around 230-240 quid.


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id be honest and say thats over what i expected. im only asking here as when i usually price my stuff up in a bundle i tend to overprice, maybe it could be worth that but i doubt it


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Yes but those are all quality games. Plus your Xbox is modded and you're including the controller adapter and headset as well as the extra controllers. Maybed my estimate was a bit high but if so then probably not by much.


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I'd say £180-£200 for the lot.

Closer you get to x360 launch, the less you'll get for it! :(


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cheers mate, i was thinking round about £200. its going soon, would make someone an excellent XBMC console if they modded it properly :)


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I'd say about £160-£180 ish. I'd say the box is worth about £60, the games about £70-£80, the hd pack about £10 and the two extra pads about £20 and lets say anothe £10 for the converter & headset.


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surely the games are worth more than £70. second hand Far cry and PES would be about £60 if you went to game.

will probably put it up for sale here in the coming days


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Kopite4Ever said:
surely the games are worth more than £70. second hand Far cry and PES would be about £60 if you went to game
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - 20
Far Cry Instincts - 20
Project Gotham Racing 2 - 10
Ninja Gaiden - 10
Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory - 10 to 15
Burnout 3 : takedown - 10
Halo 2 - 15
Original Splinter Cell (Used For - 5

Assuming they are all in mint condition I think those are reasonable prices. This is going by there current new retail prices and factoring that online games are cheaper then going to GAME, HMV, Virgin etc..


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Maybe £90-£100 then, just going by some trade in prices I got recently. Halo 2 still fetches a decent trade in at £12.50 from game. Far Cry £20-£25, PES5 £25, Ninja Gaiden about £5-£8, PGR2 £5, Burnout 3 - £8-£10, SC Chaos Theory - £10, SC- £3-£5.

Gary D

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I'd have said about 150 - 200 for the lot (but the lower end seems more likely) - you best hope is it to sell to someone who knows nothing about video games. i'll explain - no teenager will want it (will want a 360) no adult gamer will want it as they will already have one. so your best bet will be the guy down the pub who wants a present for little johnny for xmas. but little johnny wont want it because he wants a 360 (see above) I think the clever xbox owners sold up months ago while there was still money in it. the xbox market is about to fall though as there is only a month to go.

Just my thoughts.



If i was in your situation i would seel it all seperatley on ebay.Ive sold many many xbox games on there and ive never had one that hasnt sold,and they always go for more than you expected.Youde probably get close to 20 for every game if not more The console will go for a minimum of 80 and when you factor in all the other bits i think youde be looking at over 200 easy if sold seperatly.


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i will probably list it here firstly. im sure a few people would have some of the games and ive seen a few wanted ad's for crystal xbox's. people will still buy them to use as a media center for those lovey xvid avi's they aqquire ;)


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What your package is worth and what someone will offer/pay for it are goingto be 2 completly different things i'm afraid. Be prepared to accept something around £120/130 if you plan to sell it all here

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