2 Projectors-Somebody help me choose!!



I can´t choose between the NEC VT-540 and the NEC VT-45.
Has someone a good advice which of these two projectors is the best for home cinema (eventually use with the XBOX). I don´t want to make a mistake so please help me. :confused:
I´m a totaly newbie. If someone got another good projector in starter price class please post it. Thank you


panasonic ae100 or sanyo plv30........those are the most common projectors used by members here.


ps. welcome to the forums! Have a read through recent posts and you will find a wealth of info on budget projectors.


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At an asking price of just over £2000, I don't think there is anything to touch the Sharp PG M20X. I've seen a good number of the machines in this price bracket, and the picture quality (extremely good internal scaler etc) is head and shoulders above the rest... It is just a little noisy..(37db) but this is it's only drawback.

Edward Greatrex

The PG-M20X is closer to £3000 though (Ivojo do it for £2744ish, which is the cheapest I've seen it - unless you managed to get it through other sources, eh Maj). I agree that it is a good little projector though.

I'm hearing good things about the new NEC projectors, LT240 and LT260. However, I haven't seen them myself but I understand they also use the 12 degree DMD that makes the Sharp projector such a good one, image wise. Dunno about pricing but don't rush in til you see the projector you settle on.


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I hadn't realised it the sharp cost that much!!!

I got it for £1800 before it was avaliable in this country which i knew was a good deal...but I didn't realise that when it came into dealers, it was going to be THAT good!!!

Oh well, sorry.... I guess I can do nothing but feel a littel smug;)



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I think if I had to choose between the 2 NECs for the same price, I'd take the 540 because of the XGA-Panel. The only thing that's "better" with the VT45, is that it accepts Pal progressiv.

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