2 probs: aspect switching & colour banding: Hitachi 32PD3000


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Mar 28, 2002
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London, UK
Got my new little baby (32 PD3000) this weekend; v happy with it, although a couple of minor points:

I've got Sky into AV2, a Panasonic HS2 hooked up to AV3, and a Sony 550 surround + dvd player hooked up to AV4. All RGB out.

Noticed a couple of things (apart from how gorgeous it is);

When set to auto, the aspect switching works fine on Sky, but the HS2 & the Sony dvd players don't seem to want to know.
Previous TV was a widescreen Philips and it used to aspect change no problem; made sure the equipment is all set to 16:9 Tv still;; can't think why it's not switching anymore.

2: On some DVDs, I can just notice the odd bit of colour banding on subtle tone changes, like a close up of someone's face etc.
Any suggestions on which of the myriad of picture settings might help here?

Appreciate any help

If you do a search for picture setting on here some people have shown their settings.
You could also use the THX settings on DVD's like Monsters Inc.

I used this & my PQ looked fab

I did do a search on colour banding to no real joy...
I thought the THX settings was just for sound problems?
The THX also has video settings to enable you to get optimum PQ.
You can also get the Avia disc which I think is more detailed

Ta for that!

Any other offers of advice for the auto apsect switching?
You probably already know there are two ways a widescreen switch can be sent. Via pin 8 of a SCART connection, or embedded in line23 of the video signal.

As you're using the component outputs on the 550 to connect to the component input on AV4, then widescreen switching can only be passed via line23.

line23 switching is a PAL only system, so no Region 1 dvds will have it, so if you're trying to play imported discs that will probably explain why they're not switching to widescreen. It also isn't included on all PAL discs either, it's something of a lottery.

Quite why your old setup would switch correctly is a mystery though. Perhaps your TV had a similar function to my old panasonic, where it switched to widescreen if it detected black bars, although this was only ever to a 'zoom' mode, rather than the 16:9.
That explains thing more for me; cheers for that.
Admittedly, it's only Australian and US discs that I'd been playing do far, so that could well be the problem.
In saying that, I think the old TV may have had similar Black Line recognition like yours, as the Panasonic HS2 used to auto change the aspect too...

I'll keep playing around.
(Spent 3 hours hooking up all the peripharals; how many scart leads can a boy have stuffed behind a TV?)

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