2 problems or advice please

orac v zen

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Morning all,i have 2 problems,
Problem 1--- You see where i have my tv now i can only squeeze in about a 32inch (tv +stand have be pulled forward) near a rad and window(have to close curtains when watching tv) in pic 2.

Or i could put lcd up in dark space in pic 1 and put vcr,dvd,telewest,ps2 on a shelf in other dark space(cables have to be about 2 1/2 to 3ft)( fire on only about 10-15mins a few times in winter tke chill out of room then rads on). Advice please bigger on wall?If theres a problem got to take down on my own.I sit about 11 feet away.

Problem 2--- I narrowed it down to these 3,?
TOSH 32 to 37 inch wlt 66 etc(ps i loved the look & of the 58 n 58s).
PANNYS veiras (60) 32 to 40
JVC dx7 or db7 32 to 40
These tvs have these draw backs,
TOSH has load of problems,buzzing,cracking speakers etc
JVC shifting of letters,after burn
PANNYS size and weight,any other problems?
I will mostly using telewest (no ariea),dvds,vcr,ps2.
Thanks for any help and advice (ps i got to make right choice g/f go mad spend how much and you got these problems?)



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TV has to go over the fireplace.

Only because the speakers would then be correct for the TV.

How do you manage to listen with the soundtrack sounding like it is removed five feet away from the TV.

I know I'm an audio purist, but still can't work out why people spend a fortune on the TV, then forget about the sound. It's a complete package, surely.


orac v zen

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Thanks for your reply,is was worried about heat from the fire place as to put lcd/plasma above fire place,im a audiophile too,but only got a goodmans surrourd system for tv,it works best where speakers are cos i sit dirctly oppersite fire place,so my head is slitly turn to the tv so sound hits me dead on,when i listern to music i listern to my technics system its 11 yrs old but at mo its boxed up till i sort out tv .cheers orac v zen

orac v zen

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Ok only 1 comment?,lol any advice on which tv out of the 3 i stated? i prefer lcd only due 2 weight,sceen burn (sky1 logo etc),noise,but i do like the pannys good connection to ,so any more help on both my pionts?
thanks?:thumbsup:ok im out for a while hopfuly i will get replys to my question lol,i answer when i get back cheers

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