2-pot silicone mix for custom earplugs?


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Guys, I need help.

Several years back I bought some two-pot silicone gunk from a guy in the U.S.

When these two materials were mixed together, they set in about 3 or 4 minutes to form a rubbery compound.

The idea was stick your Sony etc earbuds in your ears, then poke the still soft mixture in around the buds, so you ended up with really well fitting, customized ear buds.

My problem? I want to get some more of this stuff and I can't remember who I bought it from. Online searches seem to indicate that nobody is selling this two-pot stuff any more.

Help would be appreciated.
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Thanks but 'ear mould' only gets hits for pre-cast silicone shapes that can be shoved in your ears. That's not what I'm talking about. The stuff I bought was a two-pot mix, like combine pot A with pot B and you've got 3 minutes before it sets.


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Are you sure? When I search for those words I get plenty of hits even in the UK for those 2 part mix compounds, in different colours, etc...

Here: ear mould


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Hi puente. My apologies - you're quite right, of course. 'Ear molds (or moulds)' does get hits for two-pot mixes.

All I need to do now is try and find some in little old, behind-the-times, New Zealand.

Cheers :)

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