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I already have a PS3 and just bought a second for use upstairs in my man cave. Lucky for me it was a 60Gb version (woo hoo). Basically I want to be able to log into it with my current PSN account rather than creating a second PSN account. I wasn't sure if this would be a problem because they are two different models of PS3 (the one downstair is a FAT 80gb upgraded to 500Gb).

The previous users account details are also still there. I don't think he ever used it online as all the menus look empty and it's as if it's not been update so I wasn't sure what I should do. Do I just delete his account and reset it. As it's the 60Gb version I'm also worried that it might not apply firmware updates properly. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated...


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Hi you can use your PSN on different machines I have mine on a vita, superslim and a fat 60 gb with no issues, with ps+ too you can upload your save to cloud and continue playing upstairs. you should be able to create a new user and then delete there username off of the console too by pressing triangle on it once signed in to your account. Wish I had a man cave :D


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You can either reset the PS3 to factory condition, or you can set-up your profile and then delete the other one. Up to you. If the PS3 is functioning fine, then I'd go for the latter.
Any updates should apply with no issues.

As said above, you are fully able to install your profile on as many PS3s as you wish. Only one can be signed-in at any one time though, and remember the 2-unit DLC activation limit. Although, if you only have two machines, that isn't an issue.

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