2 player boxing and responsiveness


Has anyone else had a problem with this.

I've played one player and had no trouble at all, pretty much everything registers.

Tried two player last night and I couldn't get any jabs to register at certain times. If I threw one here and there it was ok but a few times I threw constant jabs and nothing happened on screen, even shouting at the screen whilst jabbing didn't help! I was blasting away constantly and not even a flinch on screen.

Anyone else experienced this? hasn't happened on any other two player games though none of those used the nunchuk.


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Yep, boxing is poor compared to the rest of the games.

Real shame.

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i think its cause when you play 2 player you are trying to be quicker than your opponent, unfortunately this is too fast for what the game can handle.

while playing 1 player i noticed the wii wasnt keeping up so i had to time my punches to the action.

hopefully this is a software flaw and real 1:1 boxing mechanics can be applied to a future game. afterall if i can punch that fast why cant my boxer?

(tho something to consider when playing wii sports, in real life you can probably easy beat a kid/women*not being sexist* at most of the games, i believe that it tries to compensate for this. i.e in baseball and golf a little swing/flick will go far so its easier for kids/women. tho a good hard swing will still be better just not proportionly better)


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I read on the nintendo furom that some highend lcd panels will have a lag unless over component. I noticed more of a lag when I connected to a tosh wt4266, compared to my sony46w2000. not sure why it would cause a lag??

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