2 pieces JOVA wheels and problem with water


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I order set 2 pieces wheels from JOVA - and this wheels are very dangerous ! When is raining is a lot water in wheels and customer cant drive because car is shakking. I speak with JOVA and they tell me - this water is really normal for 2pcs construction - !!
What You think ? Please send me your opinion. Please check photos under post.
What am I looking at? It isn't raining, there is lots of soap on a wheel.

And are those really 2 piece alloy wheels? They look monobloc forged to me.


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JOVA send me info 6 months ago that made new wheels and after 6 month do nothing :( look . when is raining you cant drive :( when is sunny day is ok
As per my previous response. Sure I can see the shake but these still don’t look like two piece alloy wheels to me.

But ultimately the problem is that you’ve bought wheels that are untested against international standards like TüV or JWL. A very good reason to not buy from predominantly Chinese manufacturers and a reason why those wheels are often cheap.

As this is a year on, and you’ve got them on a very nice car, I would just give up on them and buy some properly tested alloy wheels.

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