2 pairs of Monitor Audio FX in an Atmos setup

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I'm putting together a 7.1.2 (or 7.2.2) setup and wanted to see if anyone uses 2 pairs of the MA FX speakers for both side surround and rear surrounds? If so how does it sound in an Atmos setup? I'm assuming that these will be positioned at most 30cm from seated ear height (instead of the suggested 60cm in a non Atmos arrangement).

Secondly, FX speakers are labelled left and right and I found something interesting when checking the manuals:

When using 2 pairs of FX speakers, it was suggested to set all 4 to dipole AND switch the left and right side surround speakers (but keep the rears correct) - has anyone tried this? Was there a noticeable change particularly with switching the left & right side FX's? (Refer page 4 of the MA Silver series manual).


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My guess would be that MA and Dolby would recommend the bipole mode for Atmos for FX speakers (although nothing stops you using dipole) and placing those closer to seated ear height unless you sit very close to them. Ideally for surround backs you would have them ~1meter behind you and hopefully the surround sides wouldn`t be too close either. Then you could drop both of them and the effects wouldn`t battle each other and overhead effects would be more noticeable i would imagine.

If members won`t reply you can also ask anything from MA tech persons regarding those FX speakers.

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Dipole are bit too diffused depending on room and whether 7.1 or Atmos I'd use monopole mode if it had that or bipole.

I use bipole side monopole rear in a 7.1 system, with about 1m-1.8m. from the side/surround speakers


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I currently run a 7.2.2 setup but I’m considering changing my system to a bigger room and going from my current Kefs to FX units so I emailed MA and got the following reply:

“Hi Michael

If you are going to be changing to use one of our wall mounted FX speakers for each of the 4 surround channels, then yes, if you are going to run them in dipole mode you do need to swap the left and right handed speakers of the side channels need to be swapped to get the correct effect from di-poling. If you don’t want to run them in di-pole mode, then you don’t need to swap the speakers over.

It is recommended to experiment with things like this to see if it is to your liking or not, so I would suggest configuring them as we recommend for di-pole mode then you don’t have to swap speakers around if you run it in bi-pole and then want to try di-pole.

Also, having them a couple of feet above ear height is also still recommended.

For the Atmos speakers, use the C265 IDC.


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Great to hear from MA themselves - I'm guessing setting them 30cm above seated ear height will be okay to allow for any Atmos speakers

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