2 new TVs required.....?


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Hello all,

Have used avforums valuable advice on many other issues and am hoping you can come to the rescue again....

I have just moved house, and the missus is suprised there is some spare cash for a couple of new TVs ;)

I currently have a 28" CRT JVC (AV28R25 I think) which in all honesty is absolutely great, if a little small. The new lounge where I want to have a shiny new LCD replacement is 3.8 x 3.8m, with viewing distance around 3.5m, my new purchase will be on a stand. As yet I dont have an AV reciever for the sound (but may in future) I will be mainly viewing SD DVDs/SKY+, I would prefer to be able to connect my xbox 360 (and freeview, but not essential), and be as future proof as possible. I'm not yet allowed sky HD :nono: I would have thought around 40" size (?) with a budget of upto £800 ish.

This is to be mounted on the chimney breast, hopefully with freeview, viewing distance of 2.75m, I would also like to be able to connect my xbox 360. I may well be linking the sky+ from downstairs (I guess this can't be digital??) with a budget of up to £500 ish.

I doubt we'll be getting multi-room either....

ANy recommendations/advice greatly appreciated, )also with the best way to link up the sky+ box...)

Thanks loads in advance.



The 1st tv:The size must be 40"-42".So I suppose it must be 1080p,am I right?So one choice is the Samsung LE-40M87 for a little more money and the Toshiba 42X3030.
The 2nd tv:The size is 32".So many choices:The Sony KDL-32S3000 seems the perfect choice for 30£ more!!

Hope I helped you


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Thanks for that mate, the M87 looks great, just got to persuade the mrs! Any decent cheaper options? (I find the only problem is that there is always another model 'slightly better' which makes the budget go up and up).

Oh, also I guess if I'm to use TV link to route sky+ I need TV2 to be able to accept analogue signals?

sooo many to choose from.:confused:

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