Question 2 monitors/TV's on one receiver?


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Hello good people,

I want to connect my LG 29" monitor (2560*1080 res) and some 4k TV that I'm planning to buy.
I would be buying Denon AVR X-2400H which has 2 HDMI outputs.
Will I be able to use both displays at the same time and would I be using their native resolution?
Also is there a cheaper way of doing this or do i have to buy receiver with two HDMI outputs?

Any answer will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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The 1080p TV will not be able to portray anything while the receiver is receiving video resolutions above 1080p. The only time that you'd get native resolution via both TVs is ehen the source is a 1080p source. The two HDMI outputs are effectively mirrors of one another and the one used for the lesser TV will not include an independant video scaler that would scale down and or strip the video of any HDCP protection. THe receiver cannot convey UHD HDCP 2/2 video to older TV sets that are not compliant. THis could effectively result in the source not being to output video more than 1080p in nature if it detects the presence of the older TV. THis may result in no video or just 1080p video from the source depending upon that source?

Note that If both the HDMI MONITOR 1 and HDMI MONITOR 2 connectors are connected and “Resolution” is set to “Auto”, the signals are output with a resolution that is compatible with both TVs. The least capable display would determine this. If the “Resolution” setting is not set to “Auto” then you have to set the resolution setting in “Video” - “HDMI Monitor 1” and “HDMI Monitor 2” to one that is compatible with both TVs. Again, you'd have to set this to the abilities coresponding with the least capable of the 2 TVs.


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Wouldn't it work just like your GPU? :)
You have 2 outputs, you put them in extended mode and wallah :D


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The resolution from pretty much any receiver will be the same on each output - and normally the same as the input, unless there's a scaler built in.

What source are you wanting to connect to? In a simple system, the source will change its resolution to match the display, based upon the information sent by the display detailing the resolutions it can accept. If you use a splitter, the lowest common resolution will be requested from the source.

If you want to run 2 monitors at their native resolution, you will need at least 1 scaler, to down convert the signal to a resolution your HD only monitor can accept.

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