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Hi I would like to ask if i can use 2 magic eyes on the same coax for remote control operation only . I have HDMI up to the bedroom TV and have a magic eye to control the SKY HD box down stairs . I have now got a new plasma and new TV unit with closing door and wish to now if I can add another magic eye to the RF2 to allow me to control the box with the door shut on the TV unit .

Thankyou Chris

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Looks like you'll be the first to buy and review it. :)

I'm always worried about devices that you "simply insert into the HDMI connection". The HDMI connection is very susceptible to impedance mismatches and your two inserters are bound to create that. With a short lead it wouldn't matter but how many people would need inserters for a 2m cable? (none).


It'll be interesting to read that review or report.
HDMI cables are all too sensitive to what's meant to go through them and I'd be reluctant to confuse them by adding anything that isn't.
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