2 lefts and 2 right speakers. is this safe?



I'm planning on connecting cabinet speakers on this mini component system along with the two existing speakers. So two speakers would share a "left" connection (not sure of the term) and another 2 would share the right. The compo only has the capacity for one left and one right, but I'm planning on putting in 2 lefts and 2 rights. I tried it out on a smaller speaker and it works. Is this safe?


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To stay on the safe side, I'd wire the speakers on each channel in series, ie:

Amp (+/red) > Speaker 1 (+/red); Speaker 1 (-/white/black) > Speaker 2 (+/red); Speaker 2 (-/white/black) > Amp (-/white/black).

Doing this doubles (more or less) the impedance of the load on the amp, rather than halving it (which a parallel connection would do) which makes you less likely to damage the amp.

But, I do have to ask, why?


thanks for the help.

There's a pair of good cabinet speakers lying around and I thought I'll put it to good use by doing some improvised thing.

Now that you mentioned something about load, the cabs (3 foot tall) have fuses in them. btw. the compo is only 700watts. I believe that it would be too much for the amp.

Should I invest in a receiver or an amp? I'm trying to achieve a full sound by placing speakers in front and at the back.


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Having two sets of speakers is bound to sound far worse than just one pair, assuming they will both be in the same room. My advice is use the better pair only.

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I also was considering using two sets of directional rear speakers in series for surround duties, if a set cropped up.

My reason is simple, a greater difuse surround field.

It's worth a try without going the di-pole route. Uncle Eric has a post about that right now.

It has actually been suggested before in posts and HCC articles.
A few forum members who do like di-pole use more than one pair in their set ups. I would have tried that too but my room shape doesn't allow it.

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