2 Klipsch sets - is the performance worth the extra price?


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The difference between the packages are the 2 floor standing speakers and the sub

Klipsch R-26F system ($1,475 on sale from $1,575)

Speakers (model R-26)
frequency response 38Hz - 24kHz +/- 3dB
sensitivity [email protected] 2.83V
cont/peak power 100W/400W

Sub ( model R-10SW)
frequency response 32Hz -120Hz +/- 3db
max acoustic output 112dB
amplifier power 150W/300W

Klipsch R-28F ($1,875)

Speakers (model R-28)
frequency response 35Hz - 24kHz +/- 3dB
sensitivity [email protected] 2.83V
cont/peak power 150W/600W

Sub ( model R-12SW)
frequency response 29Hz -120Hz +/- 3db
max acoustic output 116dB
amplifier power 200W/400W

I know it's subjective, but is the price difference with the added performance? Never had a setup before so I have no idea how meaningful these spec differences are.


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You have landed on a forum based in the United Kingdom and Klipsch speakers are far from common. However you should really audition both sets, ideally with your desired amp and let your ears decide if the extra cost is worth it. $400 between models is not a lot and I would think there would be very little sonic difference that is why you should listen yourself.


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The R-26F have TWO 6.5" bass drivers and the R-28F have TWO 8" bass drivers. Which will work best will depend on the size of the room they are in. Larger Room = Larger Speakers, Smaller Room = Smaller Speakers. Though Room Size is not a hard and fast science; it is more intuitive.

The Subwoofer (R-12SW $360) should add nice impact, but for a Subwoofer, it doesn't go that deep. A rating of 29hz at -3db is at best about 25hz at -6db. That's fine, that will certainly work, but good Subs tend to go much deeper. Still for $360, that's a good bargain, and I assume you can actually get it for less.

If you are locked in at Sub-$400 on the price, that is a decent option, I don't want it to sound like I am discrediting the Subwoofer.

Here are two SVS Subs for a bit more money -

SVS PB-1000, 10", Ported, [email protected] - $499 -


SVS SB-1000, 12", Sealed, [email protected] - £499 -


But at about $360, the Klipsch is pretty good. If that fits your budget, then the Klipsch will be fine. The Klipsch R-10SW is very low cost, I've seen them for about $250 (more common $349), so you could get two of those, but their rated bass is less impressive than the R-12SW. For the small difference in the more common selling price, I think you would most certainly want the R-12SW. I'm sure if you are buying a package bundle, they would modify it for you - R-26F+R-12SW. That's a small difference in price.

As to R-26F vs R28F, I would have to know the room size. But, if in doubt, the R-26F are a pretty safe bet whether for Music or Home Theater.

I would guess in a 15ft x 15ft to 20ft x 20ft room, the 6.5" R-26F would be the best choice, in a 25ft x 25ft or larger room, the 8" R28F might be a good choice, but again, that's not law, just instinct.



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Notice also that R-serie is Klipsches cheap line. It uses the aluminum tweeters which are said to be little harsh sounding. Versus the better RP-serie uses titanium tweeters and as many have said (compared) they are much better in every way. Not the typical Klipsch horn harshness. So be sure to have a listen both serie before making your mind.

In generally if you don`t have very large room, i would rather pick the RP-160M bookshelfs with your choice of center speaker from RP-line. I think the total cost would be similar. Also room and where you can place them comes to play, as Klipsch towers are very deep. They won`t sound best at near walls. If you must have towers for aestetic reasons, then it`s done deal. I might still save up for RP-260F (or RP-250F) with matching center speaker from RP-line. Demoing is highly recommended and the final call made after it!

What to choose regarding subwoofer depends mainly of your room size and output/extension requirements plus usage music/movies %. If you favour action/blockbusters then surely something better than cheap Klipsches. You don`t need to buy the subwoofer from same brand as speakers. I personally wouldn`t buy any of those cheap line Klipsch subs (R-XX). R-XXX serie is a step up especially cabinet & amp wise, but without one being on sale they might be too expensive vs. ID companies which usually gives you better bang for the buck.

If budget is tight and you need one for 400$, then look for Emotiva BasX S12. As Brent Butterworth* has said it`s hard to beat that one for the price/size for movies. Steve`s recommendation of SVS PB1000 is great and slightly better in some areas, but if you want tad smaller then the Emotiva comes to play. While it`s not a fair comparison, practical performance & build quality is said to be on par to highly praiced sealed SVS SB2000. Emotiva comes with a 3year warranty, SVS 5years, Klipsch R-serie 2years, for amp.

But then again if you are after some room shaking bass in much larger room, you have to look bigger/more capable ones at higher price tagg.

*For $399, the Emotiva BasX S12 is a great buy. I don’t know of a sub its size with more output, and in the deepest bass it has a bit more oomph than its closest competitors. I think anyone shopping for a subwoofer at or near this price would be very happy with the BasX S12 -- especially if they like a little extra kick in the bottom end.

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