2 Inputs, 1 soundbar 1 eArc


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Hi, so i have the LG 55Nano916Na with 1 eArc only running to an LG SL8Yg soundbar. I can get Atmos on either my XBOX or SKYQ, but not both. as the Soundbar has 1 Input only. I can get dual Atmos if I attach an HDMI 4k pass splitter to the soundbar but I don't want to do that anymore.

Any ideas how i can get the Atmos to work on both with the HDMI inputs i already have?

Steve McQueef

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If you have eArc, then surely the TV will pass Atmos to the soundbar depending on what device you're currently using?

I.E: Xbox and SkyQ linked to TV via separate HDMI inputs, with the eArc enabled HDMI being used to send the audio to the soundbar.


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Nope, the soundbar is not eArc, that could be the issue, but using Sky q to soundbar, Xbox to 2.1 HDMI, soundbar connected via eArc to TV, still only PCM on xbox. Sky Atmos. Tried all combos and one will always be PCM


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HDMI-ARC is limited to DD+ Atmos

HDMI-eARC supports
DD+ Atmos
Dolby TrueHD Atmos
Dolby MAT PCM/Atmos (best option for Xbox).

For HDMI-ARC leave eARC/pass-through disabled in WebOS and just set it to "Auto" that should support DD+ Atmos for Xbox and SkyQ.

To get Dolby MAT you need this eARC bridge for older sound systems, plug it into the SL8 HDMI input and it sends the audio that way via eARC.


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Ok Thanks for this , so i keep my HDMI inputs as they are, but change settings in WebOS?

Have Xbox and Sky plugged into the TV HDMI ports.

Have SL8 plugged into the TV ARC HDMI port.

In TV WebOS sound set
eARC = off
digital sound out = auto
sound out = HDMI-ARC

In Xbox set it to bitstream Dolby Atmos and you will get DD+ Atmos though this tends to be laggy so your experience will vary depending upon the hardware thats why the lower latency Dolby MAT is preferable.

I'm not familiar with Sky audio settings but I presume it supports DD+ Atmos, its unlikely they do TrueHD Atmos or Dolby MAT.


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Have, done all you said. Was in settings, why eArc etc is not turned on by default. Both get “Dolby atmos” or close enough we are talking Ori Type games here so good enough. The Joker sounds good for my family. So thank you very much, what extras from sound quality etc, we could get I don’t care as it sounds good enough for us, you pointed us in the right direction. Thanks again.

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