2 HDMI tv's with 1 HDMI matrix


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I purchased a video matrix to have the option of displaying the same video across 2 tv's. I've narrowed the problem of "no signal detected" to a uni-directional HDMI cable which was purchased to bridge a 75 foot gap to the next TV. I believe the solution is to purchase an ethernet to HDMI extender but wanted to get some feedback before I invest more money into the solution. Thanks for any feedback fine patrons of av forums.

HDMI Matrix

Ethernet HDMI 4K

Ethernet HDMI 1080p

HDMI 75'


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Hello, I can't find how to post on here so please forgive me for using reply.

I bought a HDMI splitter cable for my apartment tvs with the sole intention of being able to watch TV in the living room or the bedroom, which literally back on the each other. 1mtr lead from source to tv in living room and a 3mtr lead into my bedroom.
It all works fine as long as BOTH tvs are switched on, but if I turn the bedroom tv off, we get a very light but annoying snowy picture on the living room tv. If I switch the living room tv off, the bedroom tv picture and sound flash on and off every 2-3 seconds!
Any ideas please?


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Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders Post thread

At the top, to the right of the banner, is a link that reads Post thread. Just click that link to create your very own post. You'll get better responses than inserting your issue in a random thread.

As for your TV issue I don't have an answer, HDMI signal splitting is new for me as well with various problems that are not easily anticipated.
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