2 HCPC questions


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Ok the first is....

How far can an optical cordless mouse be from the transmitter?
I will be approx 10ft away.
The last one worked ok and then just lost the ability to talk to the unit...It was only cheap though.


In Win2K...My fresh install always comes up with the ADMINISTRATOR screen and a password (even though i haven't set a password)
Can I get rid of this option so that it just boots up???




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First....A Gyration mouse and keyboard should work fine for you...it's not optical though,if that's a problem,but range etc are excellent.

Second...yes you can remove it...go to control panel....user accounts...remove password....should do the trick.

Hope that helps....if not,someone better versed in PC's should be along soon!


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I have bought a logitech but I am afraid to open it in case it doesn't do the trick :)

If I delete the administrator in the accounts section, will anything horrid happen....like the inability to ever log on again...., well, you know what I mean..


I have a Logitech cordless optical and I've just walked away from my computer and 10ft seems to be roughly the very limit of it's range. This is with fresh batteries in though - I don't know if the range decreases with failing batteries.


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Chris, don't delete the administrators account (not sure if Win2K will let you do this anyhow)

try this

Start, Run, REGEDIT {OK}
Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

Add a new string value named 'DefaultUserName' and set it to the username you wish to automatically logon as.

Add a new string value named 'DefaultPassword' and set this to the password for the user entered above.

Add a new string value named 'DefaultDomainName' and set this to the domain of the user. Ignore this value if the NT box is not participating in NT Domain security.

Add a new string value named 'AutoAdminLogon' and set it to either '1' to enable auto logon or '0' to disable it.

Add a new string value named 'ForceAutoLogin' and set it to 1.

Bounce the PC


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In 2000 when you install, there is an option for auto login. I know somewhere in the account set-up you can set auto login. Maybe if you download TweakUi for W2K, under the logon option you can set the auto login.

Just a suggestion incase you are worried about editing the registry.

P.S. Don't forget to back-up the registry first.


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In the end it was simple :)
Went to control panel - user accounts and passwords and unchecked a box which said .. Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer .....
And hey presto...it boots up fine without logging on with a password.
Perhaps it was easier because I was logged on as admin?

Thanks for all your help


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