2 day old LG55UM7400 with a dead pixel?!


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So got this tv 2 days ago as my last one blew! Annoying time to get a new tv anyway because not many stores/deliveries available but managed to get a um7400. Been messing around for a few days on the game mode trying to get the pic right. Anyway as I was right next to the tv I noticed this today, the image is taken with my phone pretty much as close to tv as possible, now I can’t see it when I’m watching anything but I’m drawn to it now lol is it broke? Can I fix myself? Store I bought from does no returns/exchanges until the uk lockdown is over. Unsure if related but when playing Fifa I was getting like a blink of an eye red flash in the bottom left quarter of screen, almost see through but definitely red. The green spot is about a quarter of the way up on the left hand side, related?



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Hi @D10DGI Run this buddy for sevral hours fingers crossed 🤞 will shift that dead pixel. Make sure you manually check that YouTube runs this in 4K 2160p.



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That point of light is way too big to be "a" (ie: one) pixel!


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@D10DGI: Dead pixels are an annoyance for sure, but will depend on exactly where it is as to whether manufacturers consider the panel duff. If the failure is intrusive, which it sounds like it is, then advise the supplier that the goods have been rejected as being unfit for purpose and ask for a refund. If the supplier is not accepting returns then that’s an issue for them, not you. If they can deliver, then they can collect. If they won’t oblige, put the sum involved in dispute with your credit card company (you did use a credit card, didn’t you?) and let them deal with it.



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Hi @D10DGI no worries buddy. And yes iv run and used it many times. Not because iv had dead pixels yet but I ran it as a cause of measure in my case if iv had a few dead pixels on my new 2019 and my previous 2017 model. The way I feel as iv got a band new 2019 TV I ran it for a 3 days straight not all day but for around 4hrs at a time. Yeah this may sound a bit crazy and maybe you could call it plasibo effect. I did this on the first week I had it in the case their may have been some small dead /stuck pixals. The way I see is get to it earlier on in the TVs life rather than leaving it later on in it's lifespan let's say 6months. As with a "dead" or "stuck" pixals.

Stuck pixals you have far more chance of saving as long as you run that youtube test. Each Colour produces different voltages so the idea 💡 is to jump start back that or those particular stuck pixels into life. With dead pixals it's a 50/50 chance if it will ever recover.

All LCD IPS & VA and possibly OLEDs are built with apparently they are allowed to be made and leave the factory with a minimum of 10% dead or stuck pixals which has been like that for years even applies to Laptop screens.

It does absolutely no harm running those tests. It's stresses the back lights out and pixals out. As it charges different voltages at the screen at a very fast rate.

It's not restricted for just LCD IPS /VA Panals you can use it on laptops, Tablets your mobile phone. I ran it on my 8 years old Samsung laptop and it worked got rid of 4 stuck pixals. I left it running for 5 hours.

Anyway give it ago... You have absolutely nothing to lose and does no harm what so ever. Just don't stare at it with your eyes.
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From a similar past experience with a dead pixel on a 4 year old LG TV. Switch off the TV and disconnect from main. Leave i9n this state for 12 hours at least and then power up. This process rectified a white dead pixel on my set. Worth a try. LG advise me they cover dead or stuck pixels under their warranty. Good luck dead pixels are very annoying.

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