2 component outputs?


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Hi All,

Are there any DVD players out there with 2 sets of component outputs? I'd like to connect the TV and projector at the same time without having to keep unplugging everything.




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don't know of any dvds but js technology do a unit that will supply 2 component outputs with out any apparent loss
i have one and it works great
i have my sky hd and dvdr and dvd switching through my amp and then to the js box this then outputs 2 component feeds to the TV and projector.
it just means you can use almost any dvd player and it is also hd compatible


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Denon's Flagship DVDA1XVA has two sets of Component Outputs (1 x BNC and 1 x RCA). Pricey though.


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Linn and TAG also have two sets. But there again the JS box is only 50 quid and I've used it in all kinds of installs!!

NOTE - do NOT plug/unplug with power on. RCAs are grounded by the outer connector, so the live inner pin will make contact before the ground does. This can (and will) damage some displays, video processors, AV Amps etc.

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