2 channel sterio power amp with 2 pre-ins does such a thing exist please


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hi all is there a 2 channel sterio power amp with 2 pre-ins???

have tried various integrateds still cannot get quite the sound im looking for .

so if a power exists as above my idea is to use front pre-outs of 3802 to power amp for av use.

and conect possible a valve pre to "second" pre in of power to use with tt, cd and tuner,

if there is a better methode /easier way advice welcome,

thank you


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Hi Mick23,

Yes, that power amp exists: it is the Musical Fidelity A-308 CR. Check MF website for more info.

Bye !

Nic Rhodes

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The other thing to look for is balanced / unbalanced inputs which 'may' also do what you require.


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something like a QED input expander will also do that - allowing you to use any power amp!


hi. yea such a thing does exist, my rotel rb1080 had 1 set of rca unbalanced inputs and 1 set of xlr balanced inputs. im seling this at a reasonable price so check out my post in the classified section. rrp is 850 by the way and open to offers......


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I use the 308 power amp in the way you describe.

Simply push a button at the front to switch between AV and HiFi - works well and doesn't compromise the sound of my CD's and LP's in the way an all AV solution would, well untill you go high end that is.



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The Roksan Capsian integrated amp has pre in/outs. I use it in conjunction with a Caspian power amp, currently has 3 amp channels in it, but is expandable to 5. So an Integrated amp with 5ch pwr amp would be sufficient for a 7.1 setup.
This setup allows me to use my CD player with the superior (to most AV all-in-ones) pre-amp in the Integrated amp. My processor is connected to a seperate aux channel on the Int. amp.

I feel this is a best of both worlds setup.
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