2 Cards for 2 Displays?


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I'm currently running my HCPC with an nVidia FX5200 feeding 1:1 pixel mapped VGA to my AE100 projector and PAL S-Video to my Toshiba RPTV using the TV-Out. I'm happy with the picture quality, however because I'm using one video card in 'clone' mode I have to set my TV to be the 'Full Screen Device' in the Overlay controls. This means whenever any video is being played I lose the on-screen graphics that I would see on the projector.

Is there any way I can get both the VGA and TV-out to include both the video and the overlays from one card?

Would adding something like an Radeon 9200 PCI card to drive the TV solve the problem? and would it work alongside the nVidia card/drivers and Powerstrip?

Any advice would be appreciated as while I can navigate using the remote control with no on-screen clues, the misses is getting increasingly frustrated....


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