2 AVRs connected to 1 sky box


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I was called to a job last week with a customer experiencing issues with a TV setup. The original installer had connected one sky box to 2 avrs using a budget HDMI splitter. The Blu-ray and Apple TV was connected in the same way! After some treating it was apparent the issue was with one of the TVs connected to one of the AVRs could not display the picture it simply flicked on then off. This clearly appears to be an EDID issue and or 2 AVRs being connected together?! Any thought on a solution? We have 1x HDMI to each TV of which there are two along with a network cable and a coax.


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We need the make and models of everything, HDMI is so equipment specific we would be just guessing otherwise. If for example its a Samsung TV from the last few years simply moving to HDMI2 input may resolve the issue. Or if its a older Denon AVR, sky doesn't like input 1, so move to input 2 etc...



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Thanks for the heads up, I'll get back to site and try a few things, I think first thing is a decent HDMI splitter, can you recommend a decent one, I've used wyrestorm UTP108 but we've not got enlightened cat 5s here so it's just HDMI cables approx 10m in length. Thanks again

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'Thanks Joe. What are your thoughts on my issue?' - he's Seb :)

Using multiple Sources + Distribution Amps + 2 AVR's means a fair few places for things to potentially go wrong with HDCP, EDID and voltage.

You could stick with that plan or go with a 4x2 Matrix (with EDID and HDCP management) if the Installation lends itself to selecting which Source goes to where on the Matrix.

A signal flicking on/Off every couple of seconds is more likely HDCP (I see a few folk having issues with SKY and some certain AVR's - though haven't come across the problem myself.)

We have USB ports on all of our gear these days to give you some options when you hit this type of problem.

Is a Matrix an option?



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Unfortunately not. I'm told by the homeowner it did work originally be only for a few months. Thanks for your help Joe


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Ok, they want to be able to view sky in 2 rooms using 1 sky box to feed 2 separate sony amps as each room has a 5.1 setup. 1 of the rooms will also have Blu-ray. The only cabling to the TVs is 1x HDMI and 1x coax. I just need to get it working reliably


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An EDID spoof or DA with EDID control may be required but do a full test on all installed cables both physical and data, it could be as daft as a knackered pin on a short cable (that had me chasing my tail all round the site fora while... I mean a 2m cable with a physical fault! Passed video fine but blanked on HDCP content... You get the boot screen (from blu-ray)then nothing, test with none HDCP source and its fine....

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