2.4ghz Video Sender £24.99, including extended remote control


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2.4ghz video sender £24.99 including extended remote control (use your remote in the other room)

Available at Dixons/Currys

Product Code - 973483

Just go to the Dixons website and search on the product code.

Not sure how good it is but not a bad price. If you have any discount codes, then it can be made cheaper.


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I bought one from the Dixons shop. They had loads in stock.


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Just bought one from my local currys. They had about 5 in stock...

But Its rubbish :(

Im gonna stick it on ebay tommorrow..


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Why do you say it's rubbish?


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bbanduser - how did you get on with yours? Would you agree with 50/50's comments that it is rubbish?


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Not used it yet. WIll see if I get time to install it today.


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Sorry I should have explained why I think its rubbish.

1. It struggles to send a signal under 4m from down stairs, directly to the room above. Dispite its 70m claim. The sound is fine, but the picture it unclear(like anologue channel that has not been tuned properly)
2. The IR Relay is awful . I tried transmitting signals from my pace digibox, but it takes several attempts to actually make the digibox recieve any signals. Even though the IR is pointed directly toward the IR on the digibox.
3. When you try to use the Ir Relay, it causes very bad picture and sound distortion every time the remote control sends a signal.
4. The inputs and Outputs are composite signals. So it wont let me transfer images from my pc's tv-out to my tv.
5. You can only use scart sockets from connectivity. To be able to except other inputs/outputs, you will need a unusual cable (3.5mm to scart) which I cant find.

It was displayed in my local currys for £70 !!

For £25, its pretty good value for money.
But you will have to live with its flaws. Which I couldn't.

But I should make a nice profit of ebay anyhow..

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