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2.4GHz USB PC Receiver - ZT-721 Help please

Discussion in 'Smart Home, Climate Control & Security Forum' started by BeeKay100, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. BeeKay100

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    Dec 31, 2008
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    I have been using Camguard security system on my PC and it had been working well with no problems until I downloaded the latest upgraded version. It downloaded OK and I got a nice clear picture but when I tried to record, a message appeared saying "Cannot enable record"

    I have a ZTV 721 2.4GHz wireless receiver and a wireless camera purchased as a kit. I have lost the mini disk that came with the kit so I cannot reload the drivers that I think is the cause of the problem? I am using Vista and prior to loading the upgrade, everything was fine.

    I downloaded the latest Camguard Home Edition again and it appears to have loaded correctly, but now I cannot get a picture and a message says "Device does not exist" My PC does not recognise the receiver? The blue light is glowing on the receiver when I insert the USB which indicates that it is working OK and I am baffled to what it could be, apart from the drivers not being present/

    Does anyone use the same CCTV system that I have and can advise me of how to fix the problem. Any help with reinstating a working system would be very much appreciated.



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