2:40:1 films on a 2:35:1 screen


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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone out there with a 2:35:1 screen have issues viewing 2:40:1 films?

I seem to have a image spillage problems on the right and left of the screen..

Would physically changing the projector mount help? I have one of these:




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What you're getting is normal. A 2.35:1 screen will take a 2.35:1 movie as a perfect fit but a 2.4:1 movie gives you either very small black bars top and bottom or else image spill left and right. On my screen, I take the image spill option.
Another alternative is to chop some of the left and right image via the edge masking option on the projector but it all depends on the projector and how much it will chop off.


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I made this classic mistake when I bought my 2.35:1 screen. First film I put on and zoomed (as I did back then ;) ) the image to fill the screen and noticed with dismay that it wasn't quite filling the screen. :(

However as Soupdragon suggests I used the 2.5% crop in the menu of my projector, then later when I bought a Lumagen Mini3D I could actually fine tune the cropping in pixel by pixel steps to fit perfectly. I have some discs (DVDs I think) that are 2.35:1 but the very slight cropping I applied in the VP means that 2.35:1 and 2.40:1 fill the screen exactly without having to rezoom (even when I was using a lens this would have been necessary otherwise).

Incase anyone else finds this thread in a search in the future, it might be better to spec a 2.37:1 screen as some have done over on AVS CIH section. If using a lens this is the AR you end up with, so no cropping required as it's already happened in the vertical stretch stage.

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