2.35:1 Format on UST Projector


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Hello All, appreciate if you any one of you can guide how to watch the movies in cinemascope format using UST projector. Will the buying of 2.35:1 will help. As i haven't come across any Anamorphic lense for the ust projector

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They are marketing them as laser TVs so I don't think it's possible at the moment.


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I feel the only ways we will see 2.35:1 UST projectors are either manufacturers introduce an internal lens which increases the zoom to width aspect and then add blanking (this will create many issues unless they do it via a reduction of the width aspect of what the projector can achieve) or use a new 2.35:1 chip (which really don't appear in domestic projectors), I just don't think either will happen

But you never know, with OLED being a foldable tech, it was thought that this would be come the new projector technology as a retractable image which can fold inside its screen housing. Another technology that could push projector technology forward is dvLED TV, so lets not give up on either solution as it only take one manufacturer to wake up to consumers needs

For me, I'd love to see a simple lens system when you press a button on the remote which just makes the picture larger and then allows a memory blanking system for different aspects or better still a new 2.35:1 chip would be amazing which can shut light out from the sides depending upon what aspect you wish to use. (This one will only work with some technologies)

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