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2.1 using Lithe ceiling speakers


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[re-posting in the right forum... I hope]

Hi folks

I bought a pair of LitheAudio ceiling speakers to install in my new kitchen. In addition to Bluetooth they also support an RCA input and I'd like to be able to use it in conjunction with a small subwoofer on a shelf unit for wired 2.1 sound. I assume I'll need a pre-amp to support such a configuration? I can't seem to find a cheap pre-amp that supports 2.1. All I found is something like the Yamaha WCX-50 which is quite expensive for what I'm looking to do (and take space).
Instead of a dedicated pre-amp is it possible to repurpose my existing LOGITECH Z333 Multimedia 2.1 system by connecting the Lithe ceiling stereo speakers to it instead of the Logitech stereo speakers? Or will the current provided by the Logitech device be too strong for the line-in RCA input of the Lithe speakers?
Any advice will be appreciated!

Deleted member 24354

You have spent over £400 on ceiling speakers, why would you want to cripple their sound using the Subwoofer from a £40 set of PC speakers. Unfortunately those Lithe Audio speakers are not designed to support a Sub and adding a pre-amp kind of defeats their purpose. The line in is really designed to hook them up to a tv.
I think that your choice of the WCX-50 is probably your best option with something like a BK Gemini II Small Sub but that would more than double the cost of your setup,
Sorry I can’t be of more help

Lithe Amit

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Hello. The Bluetooth models have a line output as well. So you can wire down to a active subwoofer with a line-in to create a 2.1 setup.


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Brilliant! I hadn't realized the Lithe ceiling speaker had a line out as well. I read on the Lithe manual that you need a ground loop isolator to connect additional speakers, do I really need this?
Also would there be a quality degradation using a long-ish 3.5mm line-out cable (say 8m or so) to connect from the ceiling speaker to an active speaker setup on the kitchen shelf?
Thanks for the help!

Lithe Amit

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The Ground loop is only sometimes needed in case the Link cable picks up a electrical interference. In most cases, it is not needed.

8M cable will be no problem, only when you go over 15M you may notice this.

So connecting an active bookcase speaker to active sub will work fine.

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