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    Hello people

    i have decided to kit out the bedroom with a new 32" LCD (probably a Sony of some description). I already have a Sony DVP NS708H DVD player that i can use so i dont really want an all in one cinema system that includes DVD obviously.

    The Mrs is saying there isnt enough room for 5 speakers plus sub and i do kinda agree as i hate or the endless miles of wires they drive me insane! the room is apprx 13x15 so im figuring i dont need the most powerful unit on the market! budget doesnt need to be huge i figure anything up to a £100

    i suppose in an ideal world i would need something that would pump up my volume when watching DVDs mainly, doesnt need to be pin sharp either! i did see a Yamaha RXV361 HOME CINEMA RECEIVER AND NSP110 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM which had been discontinued. That kind of thing BUT ideally with just 2 speakers plus sub or is that a contradiction in terms? something else i came across was this from Edifier..... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Edifier-C2-Speaker-Satellites-amplifier/dp/B001385KIU/ref=cm_cr_pr_sims_i advertised as PC speakers but surely i could just hook these up to my LCD and DVD player?

    As i say i am not really too worried about true surround sound more importantly to just pump up my volume somewhat as we al know LCDs were not built for there speaker quality!

    Thanks in advance
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