2.1 active speaker and sub integration with room eq options?


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Thanks for the update and I'm glad the SHD is working out well.

It seems that with room correction, getting the high frequencies right is a bigger challenge than sorting out the bass, so I'm sure I'll have the same challenge. I've seen some comments on the Lyngdorf threads about Room Perfect taking the shine off the top, although admittedly these are rare and most people love the full frequency range EQ that RP provides, so hopefully Dirac is the same.

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I think RP is a one-click solution, whereas Dirac needs some intervention to get the best results out of it. It has the tools to be great, but you need to make some judgements.

I'm blown away with my system. It really is so resolving. You hear music as a number of instruments, rather than a wall of sound. One thing which is a controversial subject is usb cables. I ran a 5m length from my computer to the SHD. It runs alongside CAT6 and an RCA cable, as well as passing close to a speaker and power cables. I got one off the Bay for £4.41 and thought it sounded pretty good. I was tempted to see if a better one would improve the sound, so went for a Supra. I can honestly say I noticed a significant difference. I didn't A to B for hours as it's not that easy in my system, but I'd describe it as richer. Probably due to the run and screening. If I had a short length, I'd go for the Supra Excalibur, but I paid about £50 for my Supra at 5m and am pleased. I doubt the Excalibur would be such an improvement for me.

I picked up some Mark Grant double screened power cables, for the speakers and the SHD. The speaker ones were second hand. These are relatively inexpensive and in my rats nest, reassure. I can't say I noticed any sound difference, but I know they are not hurting the sound.

Look forward to hearing your experience with the SHD.


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I'm looking forward to the increased resolution in the sound as my reverberant room does muddy things up. It will be great to have the Dynaudios working at their full potential.

Interesting that you heard an improvement by upgrading your USB connection. I intend to buy something to act as a Roon Core, so I will probably connect the core to the SHD by USB.

I will start work on the SHD and Dirac over the Easter weekend, so I'll keep you posted!

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