2.0 Speaker advice please




I currently have a 5.1 Cyber Acoustics CA-5001WB. It is ok for games, but pathetic for music, which is mostly what I use them for. So I was looking at getting a set of 2.0 of good quality, without spending hundreds (difficult I know). I have spied three that I am interested in and was wondering if anyone has had any experience of them as the reviews are either contradictory, biased, or non-existant. The three I am looking at the moment are:

Creative GigaWorks T40 (spec looks good, though there does seem to be a reliability issue, and I would prefer the Series II which you do not seem to be able to get any where),

Sony SRS-ZP1000
(again spec looks good, but there are only a few reviews I can find, and they say that the sound is dissapointingly flat)

Trust 2.0 Speaker Set Premium SP2697 UK (spec also looks good on this one, though the price is lower and I cant find any reviews at all)

So really I am looking for opinions on the above, unless there are any I have missed?

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