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Hi this is my first home theater setup and I have started with a 2.0 setup as my space is very limited. I got on a great sale a pair of Q150's and a used Yamaha RX-V479 reciever. I am looking for help to get the best settings for my new speakers as this is all a bit out of my wheelhouse. I have a hearing issue so that's why I decided to get a home theater setup for better dialogue so I don't have to keep turning up and down the sound anymore. I am looking to find out the best settings for the Q150's with my reciever without a sub as my budget would not allow it but I will add one later on when I can. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you


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All you really need do is connect the speakers as shown in the manual and then run the YPAO calibration using the supplied calibration mic. The calibration will configure the distance and level settings for you. You've no active sub present in your setup so you'd not be given an option to redirect lower end frequencies away from your 2 speakers to such a sub.

If you go into the OPTION meni post calibration, you'd seen an option entitleed YPAO VOLUME. Engage this and the ADAPTIVE DRC option that is also within this setting option. THis will make dialogue easier to hear at lower listening levels. Other than this, simply increase the master volume if the volume is too low.


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Hi thanks for the quick reply unfortunately since the receiver was used I don't have the YPAO mic so I'm trying to figure out the settings manually. Some of the questions I have are as follows.

1. Since I don't have a sub under my speaker configuration I should put my speakers at large for size?

2. What should my crossover be set as from what I can find online it looks like 80hz is that correct without a sub?

3. From my understanding I should keep the level of the Q150 at 0.0 dB as to not interfere with the receiver volume?

4. Should I mess with anything in the EQ settings that will benefit the Q150's?

5.with this 2.0 setup is DSP parameters anything I should mess with?

6. Lastly I'm on PC hooked up to the reciever then to my tv for plex I want to make sure is there any settings I should make sure are setup so I can allow all the DTS audio passthrough for the best sound.

This is all new for me so I'm a little lost lol thanks for any help you can give.


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You need the mic or a replacement mic.

In the absence of a sub, the LFE channel is handled via your front left and right speakers. You'd also not be able to designate them as being small and be able to use the AV receiver integral bass management to redirect low end frw=equencies away from them and out to an external sub.

Crossovers are not applicable relative to the front stereo speakers in a setup devoid of a sub. THe crossovers determine what frequencies are redirected to an active sub. See above. In a setup devoid of an active sub then the front left and right speakers should be set as LARGE and not SMALL. THe crossovers should not be used relative to these speakers in a setup lacking an active sub woofer.

THe speaker levels depend upon the calibration so no, it is unlikely that leaving them at 9 would result in the soeakers being correctly balanced relative to one another and your seated location. THe receiver needs to be calibrated to ascertain the ciorrect level settings.

You cannot erealistically EQ the AV receiver yourself. AS saif, you need the mic.

DTS is simply a format. Whether you apply any additional processing is a matter of preference. You should portray iy as you want to hear it.
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