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1st Time Projector Setup - Advice Reqd

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Matt Horne, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Matt Horne

    Matt Horne

    Nov 20, 2000
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    Over the Hill & Far Away

    Very happy with my current setup.. the only bit left to upgrade is the display..

    Gallo Speakers (Due/Diva/Micro)
    Gallo Sub
    Arcam DV88+
    Onkyo 898 THX Amp.

    I have a standard front room with a bay at one end which currently has the TV in it (28" Wide Sony)
    So not wanting to spend a fortune, plasma is out.. and a decent large screen TV (36") is also not cheap (and they seem not the most reliable crts). So I am now considering a projector and screen. Seems a shame not to use my Dv88+ to its fullest. The room is about 6M long 4M wide.. and I thought the screen would fit lovely in the bay so the screen would come down over the TV.

    I am looking at LCD, and the projector will have to be on a stand of some sort.. as ceiling mount is out of the question. Its only to be used for Games/Movies.. so getting the projector out/setting up is not really an issue.

    So firstly I have been looking at screens.. and a 69" screen seems like the perfect fit for the bay, below is a link to a Dramer Luma which seems to fit the bill :


    So is this a good buy? are they any other manufacturers I should be looking at for this size screen ? A manual screen is fine for the purpose ! (and I cannot seem to find many other screens of that size from other manufacturers? are there any others I have missed worth considering?)

    Now with regard to projectors I have been reading up on various projectors like Panasonic AE200, Sanyo Z1, Hitachi PJTX10 etc etc (looking at around the £1k mark). I have already decided on a 16x9 proj (hence the screen) and it should be capable of displaying NTSC/PAL Prog Scan.

    I have been playing with the projector central calculator(for the distance/screen size) and for the z1/ae200 the throw without zoom is about 3.5m and for the hitachi is about 5m.

    How much if at all should the zoom be used ? Does it affect the picture in anyway? Is it better to use a Z1 without zoom? or the hitachi with zoom (thereby bringing the throw distance forward)?

    Basically in my instance.. the further forward the projector the better as it will be farther away from me

    Also how dark does it need to be for a proj? I do not intend to use these in the day as my room is very light.. but I wondered about the evening as I have a street lamp outside one of my windows...



    All advice welcome.. I am not in a rush to purchase as I want to ensure I make the right decisions the first time
  2. KraGorn

    Active Member

    Aug 30, 2003
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    The other common brand of screen is Owl .. somewhat more expensive. I just ordered a fixed-frame screen from AV-Sales and asked whether the Owl was better, being somewhat more expensive .. to my surprise the guy said "No", so I ordered a Draper one. :) I suspect similar comments apply to the manual screens.

    I have an AE300 with a 92" Draper grey screen ... a mistake, shouldn't have got a grey screen, hence the replacement is matte white .. my experience is that full zoom creates a let well-defined image, though that may be due to several things which may be particular to my equipment.

    The AE200 is a 700 lumen device IIRC, the AE300 is 800 and I find it needs to be pretty dark, though I too have a street lamp outside and it's not a problem with the curtains drawn .. if it were then a cheap blackout blind from IKEA makes it completely dark, which is what I use during daytime.

    Hope this helps. :)

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