1st Receiver - Pioneer VSX-C300 - Advice Please

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by chrisconnew, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Having just got a Samsung 42" Plasma from Richer Sounds, and paired it with the Dansai852 Multi Region DVD player (bought from Tescos 6months ago) i'm in the market for a relatively entry level receiver.

    I have on the way a set of (IIRC) Eltax Starlight 5.1 speakers from Richer Sounds - this was a £50 upgrade from the Kef Cresta 1s or Eltax monitor IIIs that were on offer bundled with the Samsung. Reason for this being that i'm really after Satellites and a sub for the living room.

    Weird since these were £99 instore - and are £149 on the website - maybe i've got the model wrong and am getting the next model down.

    I'm definitely going Dolby Digital & DTS as an entry point, but am not sure if it's worth going for a receiver that has Dolby Pro-Logic2 at this point - since this is my first proper Home Cinema setup and is upgrading from the Dolby Pro-Logic system in the Sony KV29 4:3 TV i was using previously.

    Can anyone recommend a different receiver to go with my plasma and speakers? My absolute limit would be £250 including delivery for the receiver.

    If anyone can say that the speakers i'm getting really aren't worth going for i can still change - but to get £50 off i'll need to stick with Richer Sounds.

    Thanks in advance

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    I got a Sherwood 6103 from Richer as I too was in the market for a budget receiver. I got it with a bundle including some Eltax Evolution speakers and they go very nicely.

    The main thing is that it will certainly give you a good base to move from in the future, rather than spending £££ now and still upgrading in the same time scale.

    Hope this helps


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