Question 1st Post! 4K/HDR Quality Difference Among Set-Top Boxes?

Discussion in 'Film & TV On Demand Streaming Services' started by young dude, Oct 27, 2017.

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    1st post from new user here.. I’m in the process of selecting a set-top box for my TV (Sony XE900 75’). Currently I’m using the TV’s built-in apps. I’ve tentatively limited my selection to the new Fire TV or the new Roku Streaming Stick Plus. My question is, for the same content (let’s say the identical 4K/HDR movie from Netflix), played via the two different set-top boxes (Amazon vs. Roku), would I get identical picture quality (hue, contrast, clarity, etc.) on my TV? In other words, would the hardware/software differences in Amazon vs. Roku lead to the same content being shown differently on my TV?

    If yes, which set-top box has superior picture quality, or is another set-top box better yet?

    And as a corollary, would the same content show better quality played via a set-top box vs. my TV's built-in app?

    Thank you.

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