1st Landscape with Polar Filter


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1st chance i got to shoot with polarising filter on with my new 350d.


Focal Length:18mm
Aperture: f7.1
Shutter Speed: 1/160
ISO: 100



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Cracking shot. Makes you want to be there lying on the grass, taking in the sea air and the sunshine. Very tranquil. I like the soft border too.

I would straighten the horizon though, if I had to make one criticism.

ush flynn

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im not sure you got the most out of the polarising filter there mate. No offence but the shot would have been very similar without it, did you take multiple shots while spinning the filter between each shot? could be worth doing so you can see what effect it has. The forground is a bit dull (colourwise not subject) and the image seems a bit flat. And like its been said sort that horizon out. Try and keep your hoizon on the top third or bottom third of the image (Google Rule of Thirds) depending on what you want the focus to be on, images split in half dont look as pretty
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