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    Has anyone come across the following problems on these models.

    Tubes fire up , after 10 secs the brightness increases very quickly , flyback lines appear on screen then PJ shuts down and attempts to refire.

    Other fault , PJ starts to fire up then 3 green LED on PSU go out and unit resets with fault condition. Its not the PSU as i have swapped it out with a known good one. I belive it means there is a short circuit protection on the PSU. (tubes do attempt to fire so its not HT)

    PJ starts to fire up , 2 tubes dont fire at all , but one comes on VERY bright with flyback lines , unit kicks out and stays kicked out.

    Please note these are not PSU faults.

    I am hoping its a simple case of Line output transistor leaky or blown but would like a 2nd opinion. Thanks a lot peeps.

    P.S does anyone have the service manual for these (not operators manual) with schematics and fault tracing.

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