1930's Complete house refurb - AV Lounge pics (lots!!) with node zero wiring


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Hi All,

Not a big poster on here, but been getting tips and hints over the time i have been a subscriber, and when we purchased our house and got the keys in September 2008, we made the conscious effort to get the house complete (as best we could) before we moved in, which allowed us to rip plaster off, ceilings down etc to get CAT5/COAX runs in etc.

I have posted the lounge pics, along with some of the loft space i used to bring all the cat5/coax back to, and had the Virgin Media terminating in here (phone and broadband) to allow me to distribute this around the house.

Happy to post some pics of the other rooms refurbs if anyone is interested. Each has a TV mounted on the wall with hidden wiring, nothing more fancy than this AV wise, but its a complete change from what we bought!

Anyway, enough waffle, and on with the pics!

Lounge as it was when we bought the house:




The missus wanted to keep the wooden fire surround to keep with the house, so
no TV in that location, so we decided to remove the existing surround, keep that safe, and get rid of the hearth and back tiles.


All the lounge kit was going to be kept in the smaller alcove in some kind of cabinet, so the cable runs for the alcove. On the far left wall the cables are for the TV, this is the wall where there was a doorway leading to the kitchen, but as there is already a doorway leading to the hall, we bricked this up



The idea for the TV wall was to have a double socket behind the TV (easier to wire up then a single :)) and 2 CAT5 and 2 COAX. So 2 Back boxes for these, and the center box was to hold a brush faceplate for the exit wires (HDMI, optical etc) As we have a wooden floor, the wiring to the TV goes down, under the floor in some guttering, then back up into the alcove.


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Wiring run in, capping applied ready for render/plaster



Used some wide trunking to run the AV Cables from the TV to the floor void


And back up to the alcove


Rear speaker wiring went up into the roof void, and across to the rear of the room, i also ran a signal cable to allow the sub to be placed at the rear of the room



Render applied to the walls ready for a coat of finishing plaster


TV Wall




The missus chucked a fit when she saw how many sockets n stuff were in this corner, but I assured her that they would all be hidden when the cabinet was installed.

Here is what all the boxes are for:

8 x CAT5
4 x CT100 COAX
4 x Double 13a Sockets
1 x 5a lighting socket (all the lamps in the room operate from a light switch now)
1 x 5.1 Speaker Plate
All the return wiring from the TV

Probably best at this point if I quickly move onto the loft space to show you where everything terminates
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Just a quick update on the loft.

Added a new switch, as i outgrew the 16 port that was there, so got a 24 port.


Now running 2 routers too. Reason being is we invested in CCTV and i wanted remote access to the CCTV. This meant opening inbound ports on my firewall which is never a good thing, so i created 2 subnets, one directly connected to the internet (the DMZ) which is in its own VLAN on the managed switch, and the CCTV and any other devices that need to be directly addressed from the internet reside here.

a second subnet and VLAN was created for the 'core network' which sits behind the DMZ, so if anyone compromised the first router/network, the only box they would be able to get to would be the CCTV recorder. They would then need to get through another router to get to the core network, as there are no routes from the DMZ into the core network.

Overkill - probably :) but why not!
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As its a 3 bed semi, I chose the chimney wall and alcove to mount a cabinet where the CAT5 would terminate on patch panels, and allow me to mount a gigabit switch, and the Virgin media modem


To the right of the cab, i mounted a TV Link F180 distribution box, and had a new Ariel installed on the roof.


One coax from each room terminates on the F180, distributing the freeview around the house. I also took the return feed from the SKY HD box as the input, to allow me to put sky around the house too until i can afford to use the CAT5/Baluns or IP and send HD everywhere. Should have bought a loftbox really, didn't know about them at the time, but this does the same thing. To be fair, we have 32" TVs in all the other rooms apart from the lounge, and apart from being a little 'soft' the pic from the RF2 out on the skyhd box is pretty damn good! A little splitter here just placed so I knew where the virgin media feed would be coming in.



Back to the lounge, and finish coat of plaster applied:



TV Wall


Rear of room (window) with sub line output socket(1st socket), Twin 13a, fused spur for an outside socket at the front of the house, and another 5a lighting socket for lamp.


Mist coat on the walls


Speaker Plate (5.1 plus sub feed to the other side of the room) i used the other connectors which allow 7.1 to feed a pair of speakers in the kitchen, to be driven from zone 2 on the AV Amp

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Sockets etc on in the alcove. Used the Grid type system for the CAT5


TV Wall


Top coat of paint on the walls, marked out the sizes for the sofa so we could see what space it would take up


Fire surround back on, which new custom hearth and back section


Q Acoustics Q-AV Rear speakers (I did get the whole system) Nice and discrete if your better half doesn't want speakers everywhere!!!



Q Acoustics Q-AV Sub mounted on the wall


TV Bracket mounted


Grid system, showing 2 CAT5 and 2 COAX behind the TV (used this in every room)

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Starting to mount the TV (40" Sony Bravia 40w5500 – now upgraded to a 46HX803)


Once the TV was mounted, i could work out the bracket for the Q-AV front speakers. Quite a neat system. 3 Separate speakers on a bar, that extend to the width of your TV



Easy access for wiring



And mounted under the TV


Taken back off while the room is ready for Carpet


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Pretty much finished with furniture etc






Cabinet with Onkyo 607, Sony Blu Ray and SKY HD, all driven from a Logitech Harmony One which is brilliant when setup correctly. (receiver now changed for a Onkyo 609)


Few pics of the loft with the network kit finished. The phone terminates on here too, so i can distribute the phone over cat 5 to any room.




That about finishes the lounge off. Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but wanted to try and keep a little of the original house, and be a bit sympathetic, so not a lot of kit on show, and needed to compromise on the speakers, but it sounds nice, and does perfectly for what we wanted :)

Thanks for looking, apologies for the length of the post!
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The AV receiver and Sky HD box - I take it there is ventilation in the cabinet?


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The AV receiver and Sky HD box - I take it there is ventilation in the cabinet?

yep, the whole back of the cabinet in line with the equipment has been cut out with a jigsaw and the kit sits right back.

Its been in for 12 months now, and its all been wound up loud with no cut outs.

I also took note of making sure that there was enough room between the top of the receiver and the next shelf


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Excellent set-up.Love all the detail you have gone in to to hide the cables. Room looks very good as well....a bit different from all the other! :smashin:

Top job




Well done! a lot of work has gone into this build and you should be well chuffed. It looks classy every bit of it.



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Fabulous post. Really nice (and hidden) set-up.:smashin: Great to see the pictures of the work done in the loft. How did you get power into the loft for the 'boxes'?


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Thanks all

Fabulous post. Really nice (and hidden) set-up.:smashin: Great to see the pictures of the work done in the loft. How did you get power into the loft for the 'boxes'?

as we also did a complete house re wire, ripping all existing out and starting again, i was able to get a double socket up in the loft

I also removed all the old insulation, hoovered the whole loft space out (as below) and then laid new

This gave us a decent path to run the cables, straight back to the consumer unit. Also stuck in a smoke detector linked to the alarm system incase anything should happen in the loft



As i still wanted a boarded loft area, but understood the consequences of the loft insulation reduction, i decided to board the central area only.

This meant i could lay 100mm insulation along the joists, and then laid Knauf Space Board over the top, with the chipboard then attached to this,

this gave me the thickness i required while still being boarded, with the rest of the loft having 170mm in the other direction as recommended. :smashin:
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Stunning setup!

It's so nice to see an installation where the TV is put at the right height! There must be a lot of sore necks these days with all those people having the TV above the firplace or higher.

This is the kind of set up I'm in the process of doing in my new house and you've made me think - I need another patch panel.


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looks fantastic... i've been looking at those Q-AV speakers for my setup and this is the first post i've seen with them being used. they look great!


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Looks cracking and very professional, neat and tidy.

Thanks for taking the time to put all that together (the post I mean :D).


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Cor, good setup love it. Exactly what I'll be doing if we ever move again.

How do you distribute the phone over Cat5?


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Cor, good setup love it. Exactly what I'll be doing if we ever move again.

How do you distribute the phone over Cat5?


well, as i have cat5 running everywhere, i got the master NTE Socket from virgin terminating in the loft.

Took some cat 5 from here, (usual 3 pins for a phone ext) and terminated on the back of the patch panel on the bottom right 4 jacks.


Terminated onto one, then just linked the pins together on the other 3.

you can only have a REN of 4 (4 seperate devices) so i can then use a patch lead from a phone point to a port in a room.

just need a 'modtap' then, which is a cat5 to bt type socket converter.

using the grid modules i bought, i could have used telephone outlets not needing the modtap, but its more flexible for me this way.
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What a lovely neat job you've done there. All that's missing is a projector. :devil:

i know, that wall is gagging for a screen :)

Im lucky that the better half agreed to go with what i did, as the whole place was ripped apart, i think a projector hanging from the ceiling (and potentially not allowing the centre light to be hung) may have seen me through the door,

Having said that, we are looking at a new 55" Sony LCD now ;)


Can't believe you got rid of that lovely old carpet! ;)

Real quality setup, love the attention to detail and the finish.

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