1920 audible clicks on playback


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Hi guys.

I am hearing a click during playback. The noise is best described as the same noise you hear when turning a denon amp off (1906 in my case). This does not happen constantly but has in the last month started.

I have the dvd player outputting bitstream to my amp via digital coax, and have phono cables running to my tv for when im not using the amp.

I am connected to my tv by svideo out.

On a slightly different note, divx playback is jerky (I know about the letterbox issue which is fine).

Does anyone else notice a couple of clicks during playback ?



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Mechanical from the unit.

I know that clicks like this happens on the amp when changing inputs as circuits are changing, but as the dvd player doesnt have to do that much audio work im wondering what it is. That and the fact that its a relatively new noise.

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