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I'm getting a Denon 1920 soon, and the shop I'm buying it from will make it a multi-region unit. Does anyone know if the hack used will also clear the way for using RCE encoded discs or does something else need doing. Those in the shop have not heard of RCE. Thanks


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Hi Emjel, I can't say for definite and given how new the 1920 is, I'd imagine there are very few who could but based on past Denon MR upgrades, I'd say it probably will be fine with RCE discs. Hopefully Jase can pop in with the definitive answer? :)

Certainly all of the 2910 and 3910 MR updates have had no problem with RCE discs so I'd guess it's a simple policy of Denon's: all machines leave the factory locked to the home region but if they are modified such that they are multi-region then all region protection features are disabled including the RCE extensions.

Googling "Denon 1920 RCE" turns up plenty of hits for companies selling the 1920 with RCE-supporting MR enabled. If Denon have followed the usual firmware pattern for the 1920 (can't see why they wouldn't have) then it's a safe bet that they're all using the same disc to upgrade the machine - there probably isn't two rounds of MR firmware floating around for the 1920 just now. It's not like it was a few years back for, particularly Sony machines, where you had to spend £100 having a chip fitted to your player only discover that you picked the wrong chip of the 3 and the one you've got doesn't support RCE!

While your dealer/retailer might be useless, one option is to contact Denon and ask them for confirmation. Failing that, you could try contacting a chain of specialist AV dealers such as Sevenoaks.

I was worried about this when I first got my 3910. I really wanted to buy the R1 Hellboy Directors Cut but being a Columbia disc, it was naturally RCE protected. A lot of digging around on these very forums and a few helpful posts later and I reluctantly ordered my Hellboy RCE disc and it plays perfectly :thumbsup: As far as I know (and I could be talking nonsense) it's only Columbia Tristar R1 releases that actually bother with RCE but they have a hefty share of the home movie market unfortunately. Still, you don't have to get the US editions - the Japanese and Korean versions are often just as good and sometimes better!

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