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I have seen all those,, Full Metal Jacket being the best film out of those, Platoon was a bit more 'Hollywood' no? Great film of its time. I think 1917 is a completely different type of film based on a completely different type of war.
On first release at the cinema ?
that’s we’re these films have the most impact .
1917 is just another war film but nowhere near as submersive , weak story line with lots of similarities to previous films of the genre


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It could have been a war film disaster like Midway. It could have had a huge amount of shaky cam and undercranking the camera and artificial film grain. Thankfully it wasn't.


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As an aside, I wonder if Schofield
ever makes it home?
The fact it is called "1917" means we are clued in that it won't be over for a while yet.

And as Cummerbund points out, there will still be other offensives.

Though why they didn't twig something was up I don't know.

The artillery was working fine on them so hardly in full retreat.


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I saw this last night in IMAX. It’s a long time since I saw a film that gripped me as this did. I was totally immersed and engaged. Brilliant cinematography from Roger Deakin. Superb.


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Saw it yesterday and it was so-so - much better than Dunkirk but nowhere near as good as the hype suggests. Felt it dragged on too long and would have improved with some better editing.

The 'single shot' idea was novel, but to me it simply made it feel low budget like a TV mini series.


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Saw it for a second time today and it was better than 1st time as I was more tuned into the characters and less bothered about the one shot, although the one shot is super intriguing and should see it just for that

If you forget it’s shot in one shot it’s really perfectly filmed

Reminds me of Dunkirk which I thought was brilliant too

What got me thinking is what would those boys think about life in 2020 now, the differences between now and then

So really enjoyed 1917 think it’s a bit of a classic really


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Can we say how amazing that rendition of Poor Wayfaring Stranger was by Jos Slovick.
That song haunted me after watching the film. Got home and tried to find it on YouTube, but only found a ropey, captured on a smart phone version. However, I stumbled upon Hayde Blue Grass Orchestra’s version, and it gave me goosebumps.

The film itself was, I thought, absolutely superb. Brilliantly paced, wonderfully cinematic, and with a fantastic soundtrack. I loved that the lead performances were understated, and am glad that they gave two relatively unknown actors the opportunity. Richard Madden’s short scene was incredible. I filled up as he absorbed the news. What a performance. He has gone right up in my estimations.

I have seen it twice now. First time was at the regular cinema, but I thought it worthy of the Imax treatment, so went to Great Park, B’ham. Wow! What a difference! The sound alone was worth the extra admission. A definite purchase when it lands on bluray.


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I really liked Joker but amazed it beat this for original score.


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