1910 can't handle the impedance of Teufel speakers?

Tim 3141

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Hi all,

I'm just (still!) looking for a 5.1 speaker set to go with my 1910. I sent an enquiry to Teufel here in Germany yesterday about their new Theater 80 set and a very nice (and honest!) chap recommended not to use their speakers with my amp.

He said that newer Denon amps - especially the "value" ones - cannot cope with lower impedences in the way that they used to be able to. He mentioned that the Denon explicitly states a minimum impedance of 6 Ohm, whereas the Teufels have an impedance of 4 Ohm. He said that the newer Denons are much more "sensitive" to speakers with a lower impedance.

I have also seen reports of the 1910 being paired up successfully with the Q Acoustics 1010i set, but the impedence of these goes down to 4 Ohm. I know that impedance varies with frequency, but I am now confused as to what I should watch out for!

Any thoughts, comments, explanations? Also what would happen if an amp was paired with speakers with an impedance that was too low for it?

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Here in lies the problem, the minimum recommended is 6 ohm on the 1910 yes?
Should do damage either to the amp or speakers disregarding this warning, then you have obviously void your warranty..
Amps can go lower than their specifications, but manufacturers like a safe threshold.
I would wait on some replies and get some solid advice, sounds like the chap you were talking to was trying so save you some heartache...


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