1906 can I play just the centre channel


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Hi chaps got a denon 1906 on some DTS music mixes there are isolated vocals/accapellas in the centre channel. Ziggy Star Dust is a good example of this. I would like to be able to play just the centre channel. I can get rid of the FL and FR by using the speaker A speaker B option and can turn the Centre all the way up and the rears all the way down but can still hear them :( Is there any way to hear david in all his vocal glory without having to unplug the rears.



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You'd have to go into the setup menu and tell the amp there are no rear speakers connected but this will affect all surround modes etc. The minimum amount of speakers you can select is the two fronts.


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Thanks for the reply. Yep just tried turing the surrounds of in set up menu, but all I could hear was the sub, the centre turned off as well :(
Do you think you would be able to switch the switch the surounds to rear surrounds then be able to turn them of. I know I could try it but dont want to start fannying about un plugging things.

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What is the disc encoded with?

Is the amp set to Standard?

You can turn the surrounds off and leave the centre on, you sure you haven't set the centre to Off as well?

No you can not plug the surrounds in surrond back, this will mess up the sound even more.


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You could connect up the surrounds to the surround back speaker terminals but you'll have to remember to switch them on/off each time. When they are on you'll have to select NON MATRIX if you want them to correctly play the surround info. NON MATRIX just duplicates the surround left and right info out of the surround back speakers. MATRIX ON will screw the sound up if there are no surround speakers connected.

You'll also have to select them (Surround Backs) in the main setup menu.

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You won't be able to run the auto setup with this arangment though, could work from the non-matrix point of view.

I just want to know how this disc mixed, and what the amp is displaying when it is playing.

If the disc has just a centre channel mix on it then, the amp will use Neo:6 to make it 5.1, if you use direct mode i imagine it would move it to the L/R front speakers, but try it anyway.


Hang on looking back, these discs have sections when he is singing solo but sound still comes out of the other speakers? This must be part of the actual surround mix, so audiance or room accoustics of the event itself.


there is dvd ripping software available to let you turn the audio track on dvds into wav files or mp3s. i can't remember the one i used last (it was a 30 day full working trial) but you could select which stream you wanted to rip, (ie. DTS, DD, directors commentry, spanish, french, etc) and you could also choose what channels you wanted and if you wanted them seperated or combined into a stereo track. thus, you can rip the vox and have an acapella track, which is what you want to do, or you can rip the left and right fronts and leave the rest, giving you the backing music to some movies (which is what i wanted to do)

i think it was called something obviously like easy dvd audio extractor. you should be able to google it up. you might find it on www.videohelp.com - a great site for techy stuff and links to download sites

with the dvda or sacd, the easiest thing is to output direct from dvd/cd player and just connect the phono leads to a cd/dvd recorder or minidisc, recording the channels you want (my trick for isolating stuff in years past), altho i think there is dvda ripping software available now

i'm just listening to bowie's serious moonlight tour now actually!

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