19" Hyundai ImageQuest L90D+ 8ms TFT... any good?


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There is a review of this monitor in custom PC (which is discounted to £2.75 in Morrisons) who awarded it 75 out of 100.

"...several key strengths, such as fast response time, decent screen quality and, best of all, a competitive price that's very close to those of high end 17in TFT's such as Sony. It's a solid performer rather than a stunning one. If you're a gamer who likes detail and high image fidelity, it's probably best avoided, but it makes a big impact, and it would be excellent for a cut-price, home-built media centre PC."

I don't have one so that's all I got! I haven't ordered from Microdirect.co.uk before so I'm afraid I can't help you with that one either. Sorry!



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I've used microdirect lots of times before - very good company. Fast delivery, good response to email and nice and cheap :)

I'd recommend them.


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well have the tft now and am very impressed ! :) well done to microdirect for superfast service too :clap: :clap: i recommend this monitor :smashin:


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You'll have to let us know how you get on with it after a couple of weeks as I might be tempted if it's good with games and DVDs.


8ms is suprisingly good for an lcd panel. I suspect there is a fair amount of marketing word-bending involved to reach 8ms.

e.g. if you fine-tooth comb spec sheets, you may find that they regard black as being 90% black, and white as 90% white, which means the 8ms would be the time required to go from 90% white to 90% black. Thats one common lie, and may apply.
Second common lie is to introduce certain overdrive characteristics to the lcd, so that when you request a white pixel, it will ramp up to a 110% white colour (which means it will reach 100% quicker) hence making the spec seem better, even though in actual use the colours could seem washed out.

As more and more of us buy lcd products on response times alone, the lcd panel manufacturers are finding out creative ways to make the response times look better than they really are. Sorry, but this is reality....money talks.

If you are happy with your panel, great, but I would always suggest that prospective buyers have a look at the panel first, and watch a movie on it or play a game before commiting hard cash, as the spec sheets do not always tell the truth and you cant compare apples to apples with regards to response times.


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:thumbsup: Well I have had my panel for a few days now, I am impressed, no ghosting at all. Games look amazing on this tft, video also looks very good again with no ghosting.


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What's the verdict after a month or so then mate, are you still pleased ? This monitor keeps shouting "buy me" and I might not be able to resist much longer !

jon stallard

I bought one last weekend from Novatech (I only live 20 minutes away in the car). I bought mine to use as a PC monitor cos that's what it's designed for! I tried it on the end of my HTPC but considering it's 4:3 aspect, I don't see the point of using it as such personally, just my opinion mind.

I did want to try out the DVI connection (it came with both a DVI lead and a VGA lead) and my MSI 6600GT card straight away recognised it as a hi def display. So I was pleased about that (i.e. it works!) Don't know about Hi def on this disply mind but there you go.

The thing with this monitor is that it sits pretty high up, so much so that when I put it on my desk in front of the window, the room darkened by about 20%, such is the size of this thing!

There is one feature which i didn't realise it had until I tried to connect up. Wishing it would rotate through 90 degrees to make it easier, I tried to rotate it. And it did! So by changing the settings on the rotate display menu, I was able to view web pages about half a yard long. It makes viewing simply another experience, although takes a bit of getting used to.

At £300 a go, I took a punt simply because I wanted a bigger screen and yes, I have to admit, I wanted to try out a DVI connection. I'm chuffed to bits with it, as a PC monitor it does what I want but agree with Werner that if you want a panel as a front end of a HTPC in the living room, have a look at them first rather than go by spec. I am but waiting until mid July or longer when the newer panels come out with improved characteristics (and cheaper apparently - according to some threads in the LCD forums).


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