1891 Uk Census - What does this say??


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Jul 13, 2007
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Thought someone here could help me. Currently researching the English side to my family tree and am a little stuck with a record on the 1891 census. The attached document shows 2 columns which show the town/city in which the people were born, I think I can make out the bottom entry as Marylebone, London but I am really struggling with the top entry.


Anyone care to guess what it could say?

If it's London I would also go with Strand on the top one.
Like Grangey said, It definitely looks like Strand. Compare the r in Marylebone to the r in Strand. Plus you can see a faint line on top of what should be the t.
Definitely not an 'o' you can tell by the cursive connector being at the bottom as opposed to the top.
check this out newspaper from 1891:

23 Jan 1865 - Advertising

Also, be 'careful .to observe .that the:address on .the.' covers' of the Pots, and labels of the Boxes, is "'244, Straind, London,"

Might be having the same problem reading it we are :)
Has anybody attempted a family tree before? I have subscribed to ancestry.co.uk which has been very useful in getting most of the information together, the problem I have is when I need further confirmation of something, I wrongly assumed I would be able to download birth certificates from the site but it only gives the location of the document, allowing you to order it from the archives at £22 a certificate :eek: Mad amount of money.

Is there a cheaper way, am I missing a trick here?
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Might help to see more of the certificate to be sure - that way you can see how letters have been written in other words. That said, it does look like Strand.
Also have a look at rootschat forum, the members on there are experts at deciphering handwriting and can also help with your search :)

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