1819 pre-outs no9t working


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So I picked up a 1819 for really cheap off (sub 300) of craigslist and was all pleased with myself. The guy brought it over and I ran it through some basic tests hooking up one of my bookshelf speakers to each output and tested a few of the inputs and everything seemed great. The next day I replaced my 819 setup with the 1819 and found out that NONE of the pre-amp outs are working at all. All other connections on the amp are good and working (in and out) but none of the pre-amp outs will output to any source Ive tried. What I am looking for is the part number of the board (or a spec I can use to look it up) that the pre-amps are on since Im willing to bet good $$$ that is where the problem is. Either that or if anyone knows a good place in ohio to send it off to that would do the repair fairly cheap it would be much appriciated. I don't even care about the outs really except the sub out which I need so that the auto calibration works as it should. Currently I have the front left output passing through the subwoofer to get the signal over there with the front channels set to [large].

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