17cm speaker for DIY bluetooth system


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Hello guys,

new member here so go easy on me :)

I have a Lansing Altec (archaic system) computer sound system that has been laying around the garage doing nothing more than gathering dust.
Also a Pioneer dvd player surround system that pretty much the only thing isn't doing is getting dust but haven't use it for over 5 years.

Being a diy enthusiast I'm planning to use the speakers from the above and make a bluetooth system where I can connect the phone.

The speakers I have are:

(surround system)
5 - 70mm 5ohm
1 - 120mm 5 ohm
(Lansing Altec system (LA))
2 - 80mm 4 ohm speakers
1 170mm 4 ohm speaker

My plan is to create a wooden box large enough to accommodate the LA speakers as they are of very good quality
add 2 or 4 of the 70mm with a tweeter filter to enhance the high frequency.
Use the 170mm as bass, but for this to work properly I will need to get another 170mm speaker.

Here is where I will need your help.

Can anybody point me to a place where I can get one of them?
I know it will be impossible to get an exact match but something near enough would do me.

Thank you for reading and really appreciate any help I can get :)


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Problem solved :)

found another sound system on ebay so a second speaker is on its way.

Now starting designing the speaker's box.
While doing that, I'm researching for the best material for internal insulation.
The choices are, from dedicated convoluted foam or just go simple and a couple layers of the stuff used in cooker extractor filter.
Considering that most speaker cabinets don't have anything, I think anything will do.

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