1710 v. 1720? And MR Firmware?



I have a Denon DVD-1710, and when I went to Denon's site to register it (in "Owner's Club"), it shows up as a DVD-1720.

Are these two models really exactly the same?

And, does anyone have MR firmware for the 1710 (my "dealer" can't help me cuz I bought it through amazon.com)...and, combining these two questions, if I find firmware for the 1720 somewhere, will that firmware work for the 1710?

I think the only difference is that the 1720 plays DIVX discs and the 1710 doesn't
RL123 said:
I think the only difference is that the 1720 plays DIVX discs and the 1710 doesn't

This sounds as if it would require fairly significant differences between the firmware on the two machines; the 1720 would presumably have hardware (Divx decoder chip?) that the firmware would have to know how to address, wouldn't it? To me, it suggests that the firmware for the 1720 would not be compatible with the 1710, but I'd definitely be interested in hearing from anyone knowledgeable on this.

Thanks again!
Yeah, DIVX would be quite a big change in hardware/firmware. FWIW I have a 1720 that is multi-region, and the MR works perfectly. You can get multi-region 1710 players but I bet the multi-region isn't the same. There isn't a handset hack for either so you'd have to update the firmware via a cd, I guess. But I wouldn't try to update the 1710 with the 1720's firmware :eek:
Thanks! I am putting out a call, then, in a big way, for the 1710 MR firmware.
I can't play a DIVX file/film on my 1720, I think this file/film is HD and 5.1 can anyone tell me where to confirm and download the latest Firmware for this player and if this player supports DivX 6

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