1700 Lumens, 2000:1 contrast??


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I just saw the specs for the Philips LC5341, it says it´s 1700 lumens with 2000:1 contrast. Now that seems to blow away the specs for many projectors. The Infocus 5700 is 1400:1 contrast and 1000 lumens, and that seems to be a popular choice for the home cinema.
The Philips has 1024x768 resolution, so it´s probably 4:3(using the same chip as the HT1000?), does anyone know more about this projector?
I wonder why I haven´t heard of it before, specswise(even if it´s a bit exaggerated) it looks pretty darn good, better than the 5700(besides the 4:3 resolution)??
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