17 year old son caught vaping.


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I've suspected for a few weeks my 17 year old step son has been vaping, early nights, window open in morning and other things. Then we found 2 vapes in his room. So we left it a week whilst we decided how to approach it. He came forward this weekend and told us, mainly as I think he knew we knew. Its a stupid thing to do in my opinion as he has never smoked, he was disgusted with his estranged father for starting smoking because his dads new girlfriend did. Its nothing more then a look cool thing and of all stupid things he can do I didn't think this would be one of them.

He's been absolutely smashing the vapes and and he's been doing it for 2 weeks he said. We told him no way ever does he smoke or vape in his room or this house, even when 18. He said he will try wean himself off which is a bit dramatic as he's only been doing it 2 weeks. We did say it's not a social thing is it as you are altering your daily lifestyle and schedule to do it to which he agreed.

Anyone else had this and how did you deal with it. We told him he needs to stop and that we can't see what he is up to but should we have said you will stop, your under age to begin with. Tried to treat him as an adult but he see's calmness and our softly softly approach as weakness sometimes. My friend found out her 17 year old son was doing it and went mad, shouting and screaming.


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I think vaping is a bit of an unknown still on the health side but it's certainly better than smoking. I think anybody taking it up who never smoked is a bit daft but I don't think I'd be flying off the handle at it.

I'd certainly want to discourage it though, without turning it into something super bad that might be done just to get back at me.


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I'm on a vape since stopping weed and tobacco and it's been a big help. If your step son isn't smoking weed or tobacco that's a positive IMO. As above long term effects are uncertain but there's little social stigma, costs are low and it's legal.


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Thing is next year he could well be at uni and out the house and you will no control over what he does. Even now there is nothing stopping him when he goes to his mates or out in the street.

You've pointed out the dangers (and the point being we don't know if its 100% safe, personally I don't think inhaling a load of chemicals is good for you) and the most you can ask is that he doesn't do it at home if it really bothers you at home.


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Agree with oneman at 17 there is not really much you can do and coming down hard on your lad will only make him do it behind your back.

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